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Launched in June 2017.

Back end written in PHP, MySQL. Front end written in JavaScript, HTML, CSS. No external libraries were used.

MyPrivateBlog is a web platform that enables its users to keep their thoughts, notes, wishes, diary posts, essays, important links from the web, blog posts, unfinished articles etc... in a safe place, accessible from any device with an internet connection at any given moment.

With Privacy becoming more and more important in the internet, we use the latest algorithms and the newest technologies to keep your data secure and hide it from spying eyes.

You have the control over your posts. You can make new ones, customize and edit the exiting ones, delete the ones you don't line or the ones which you don't want to see in your timeline, you can star important ones and you can pin certain posts to the top of your timeline.

Although MyPrivateBlog may seem as a fully established website, we disagree to that as we think you cannot put an end to a project, because like Mark Zuckerberg says, many new ideas come along the way when you build something. Therefore we are planning to continue developing MyPrivateBlog to transform it into a fully customizable platform that the user can see as something that is fully under his control and not just a website offering simple text editing tools for the user to use. Here are some of the features we are planning to add in the future:

If you have better ideas to make MyPrivateBlog even better please contact Best Ideas will get a reward.

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