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Launched in September 2016.

PHP Mailer is a simple project written in the PHP back end programming language that allows you to send emails to anybody using any existing or non existing email address you want.

Note: This is a great feature and therefore it can be misused or overused. Please note that every email you send will be stored in the database so if you are thinking of doing harm to any web user than your ip will be banned for one hole year and you won't be able to access this website any longer.

Note: As this website is hosted without any charge, the provider allows us just to send 50 emails daily and therefore the number of emails you can send daily is limited and depends on the number of requests(sent mails) of other users.

Here is an example of me receiving an email sent from PHP Mailer:

Use this tool wisely and you will notice the importance of it in real life. If you do like it please share with your friends or other people which might find it useful. Enjoy :)

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