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Launched in September 2017.

Website Crawler is a small program I have built, that scans a website looking for its links, which get also scanned until a full collection of that website's links is established and displayed. Useful when you are looking for individual elements of a webpage without having to go through the pages. For example you might be looking just for the images of the website and this program is able to fetch most of them, as the quality of results is based on the website. However there are going to be improvements in the algorithm for better and faster scanning.

Download Website-Crawler

We offer two versions for the program, the .exe version which is easy to use and supported only on Windows and the .jar version which is in raw Java, and cannot be executed independedly. To run the .jar file you need to open your Command Line and type:  java -jar WebsiteCrawler.jar . Both of these files below require Java to run.

NameVersionSizeDate when uploadedActionSupport
WebsiteCrawler.exe1.0.0~100 KBSeptember 10th 2017DownloadWindows only
WebsiteCrawler.jar1.0.0~100 KBSeptember 10th 2017DownloadEvery OS that has Java installed: Windows, MacOS, Linux etc.
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