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Launched in January 2017.

Made with pure JavaScript, HTML and CSS. No external libraries used. Not mobile-friendly yet. is a light weight web framework that can be used to draw mathematical functions on screen real time, allowing the user to understand and experiment with the behaviour of different functions in 2D space.

It is fast, reliable and easy to use. If you have found it hard to use, scroll down this page and you find the section on how to use this web application.

Usage and Documentation

The main control points of this web application are the four buttons listed one next to the other.

API example for developers

For all the Programmers out there: an API to this program already exists. Here's an example how you can implement it to your website, adding more features as you modify it.

A link to a fully costomizable version of the GraphMaker will be added shortly.

If you have better ideas to make MyPrivateBlog even better please contact Best Ideas will get a reward.

Click the button below to go to the webpage. If you like it please share the website. Enjoy :)

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