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Discover awesome projects for both Web and PC from Games to useful daily life Tools.

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Develop simple clean, easy to use Layouts for any kind of buisness or personal activity


Interact with your clients using real-time user-friendly tools to assure maximum statisfaction of both you and your customers


Design is what gives a website life. You decide it, I make it. Simplicity driven and user-friendly design is what I care about most


Hello Guys,
I am a Software and Web Developer living in Tirana, Albania. I am skilled in a variety of languages including: PHP, JavaScript (+jQuery), HTML, CSS (+Bootstrap), MySQL as well as old school powerful application developing languages: Java, C++. I also have a bit of experience in C# when working with Unity3D.

This big diversity of languages I learned is because of my desire and curiosity to try out new things and to never give up on ideas which I think can be established if you have faith in yourself. I believe that is the thing that matters most: to not be afraid of the unknown, to keep experimenting, to exceed your limits until you reach your goals. That is the key to success in general, and also to my success in programming.

I have built a couple projects which you can view and download for free from my portfolio. My newest one is NetChat, a chatting service I've built. Please go and check that out.

This is all for now. Have a nice day. For anything please contact me at:

Andi Hamolli


You can find me here:

Instagram: @andi.hamolli

Email: info[at]

I'd be glad to hear from you.

Or leave me a message:

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